Diversify Your Earnings


Get hired for new projects around the world.


Leverage existing relationships for one-off gigs.


Earn passive income by monetizing your assets.

What if you could leverage your
previous projects to get jobs around the world?

Fync helps you do just that with the first global sync marketplace.

Save Valuable Time

No longer searching for songs’ ownership for days on end. Find all the information you need right on the spot.

Boost Revenue

Manage your entire sales and drive business growth. Monetize your intellectual property with a wide range of payment methods.

New Customers

Sign up for free, set up your profile, list your services and reach out to colleagues, companies, and corporations worldwide.

You're already done the work, now get
paid for it (again)!

  • Your personalized Fync profile shows the soundtrack of your career; from your bio and introduction video, to a list of your previous project.
  • Fync also gives you an easy to use platform, with advanced search features that organizes your previous projects library.
  • All so that clients from around the world can hire you for licensing and music services.

As early adopter, we’re paying you!

All you have to do is upload your previous projects library. Fync will sort and organize it, so you can choose how to monetize it.

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